Nashville Juvenile DUI Lawyer

It’s an unfortunate fact, but not only do many juveniles choose to drink, but they also choose to drive.  Although they will not be judged in adult court, juvenile DUI cases are quite serious and can have a lasting impact on a juvenile’s future if a conviction is reached.

If you are the parent of a juvenile or a young adult under the age of 21 that is facing DUI charges in Nashville, please contact our office today to speak with our Nashville DUI Attorney about your case.  Our firm has been helping clients of all ages with their DUI charges for many years.

Our DUI Lawyer Provides Strong Defense

We have focused our practice on the challenges faced by our clients who end up with DUI charges in Nashville, which could land them in jail, pose heavy fines, and suspend their driver’s license.  For juveniles, incarceration is unlikely, but they can lose their license as well as be forced into probation, paying fines, and any other penalties.  It’s unfortunate, but many juveniles these days end up with a DUI conviction on their record that lasts a lifetime, when they didn’t have to.

But are you aware that everyone who is pulled over for a DUI is not guilty of that crime? In fact, there are several ways to fight the evidence provided by the police in a DUI arrest.

Your child should not have to endure the consequences of having a DUI conviction on his or her permanent record. Give our skilled DUI lawyers a call we can assist all those in Nashville, Tennessee.